’वेचित चाललो...’ वर नवीन:   

हासून ते पाहाणे       भविष्यवाणी       वेचताना... : तुझे आहे तुजपाशी       स्थितप्रज्ञस्य का भाषा       लोकशाहीच्या नावानं चांगभलं       वर्षान्त विशेष: सण आले जुळुनि... (उत्तरार्ध)       वर्षान्त विशेष: सण आले जुळुनि... (पूर्वार्ध)       स्वातंत्र्यदिनाची वेचणी : देशासाठी चार गीते       द मेड ते पोस्टमेन इन द माऊंटन्स... व्हाया प्रदक्षिणा, राशोमोन, ब्रॉडचर्च       अमरत्वाची आस नि चिरंजीवित्वाचा फास       ’बोर्डचाट्या’च्या शोधात       स्त्री-सबलतेचा जाहीरनामा       तडा       वेचताना... : जैत रे जैत       द्विधा       माशा मासा खाई       पुन्हा लांडगा...       वेचताना... : लांडगा       वेचताना... : लांडगा आला रेऽ आला       वृकमंगल सावधाऽन      

शुक्रवार, २८ जानेवारी, २०११

Road not to be taken now

There is a single road that originates at the fort of Sinhagad situated south of Pune, which takes us to the main city area. We always take that road while going to the city, but we don't drive straight to the Dandekar bridge. Instead we turn left near Duttawadi and take a small road near the Colony Nursing Home. The reason for this detour is very special. There is a temple named 'Kalashree' here. We want to take a sneak-peak there hoping to get a glimpse of the God (Pt. Bheemsen Joshi) who adorns the citadel of this temple.

Today morning we went to the temple the final time. The God was lying speechless with a sense of a successful mehfil adorning his face. Perhaps he has already been thinking of the new mehfil he is supposed to sing to. The taanpuraas were rested but the 'laya' which has now become part of personality was to go with him. So there was no reason to look for an accompanist. The journey was about to begin. Several friends and followers came to say good-bye. Kirana gharana co-travellers like Prabha Atre was there, friends and shishya like Upendra Bhat and Anand Bhate had reached early. Ustad Amjad Ali Khan could also be spotted and several more were still queueing in.

The people come to to wish the person bon voyage make sure the traveller gets some necessary goodies. But what would you offer to the God himself? On the contrary, he has left us a rich heritage which would enlighten the path of his followers for ages. His Pooriyaa-Dhanashree, his unique 'Asawari Todi' still lingers in the air; rich 'Karim Naam' stands like a rock. The likes of Kalashree and Lalat-Bhatiyaar which were created in this very world enrich the treasure he inherited from his gurus. The aura of Malkauns still pervaded the air, sensitive Marwa still makes us nostalgic; some exqusite strong 'taans' move around like a lighteing. There is a Des supporting his eternal love for his country and now there is this Bhairavi which has started roaming and suggesting an end of something. But wait, shouldn't Bhairavi be sung at morning? Then who is singing it now when the sun sets. Did someone say 'Swarabhaskar' finally sets? Didn't we no it has to rise again after the night!

Then why feel sad about the traveller who is leaving only for a night. Be sure he will come back, come back in style and with grandeur he created in his current stay. We still follow the path he has brightened for us. But then while we wait for him, we still won't venture in to the temple he once adorned and the road that takes us to than temple remains the 'road not be taken'.

 (Many thanks to Vinita Deshmukh (Editor: 'Intelligent Pune') for help in drafting.
Link:  http://www.epapergallery.com/IntelligentPune/28Jan2011/Normal/page3.htm)

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